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I don't have to tap-to-wake the screen or press any buttons beforehand, nor do I have to swipe after to use my phone. Because it's all just one fluent, cohesive process, the Pixel 4 is faster than the iPhone 11 at face unlock , though they both actually unlock the phone at about the same speed. Google acknowledges that someone who looks like you, such as a twin, can unlock your phone. Google has yet to fix this problem, despite saying it will do so in October Face ID on the iPhone 11, on the other hand, only works if your eyes are open.

Motion Sense also introduced some hands-free gestures for the Pixel 4. I can wave my hand to skip songs, hover my hand to pause music and silence timers and alarms, for instance. It works surprisingly effortlessly and I liked that alarms quieted down as I reached for the phone, which is intuitive and less disruptive.

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Lastly, the Pixel 4 has voice transcription, which transcribes audio recordings and video recordings in real time. It's super useful for people who may be hard of hearing or for those who transcribe for work i. Winner : Toss up. I like the Pixel 4's useful software goodies, but as far as which OS is "best" highly depends on the one you're already comfortable with. Both phones have dual-SIM. This is useful if you want to keep your personal and work phone number on the same device. The iPhone 11 has Wi-Fi 6. Devices with Wi-Fi 6 speak that same Wi-Fi language to talk to each other, and compared to Wi-Fi 5, it's faster and more battery efficient.

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Instead of regarding it as an immediate benefit, think of Wi-Fi 6 as readying your phone for the future. The iPhone 11 has a chip just for "spatial awareness. Apple says this improves AirDrop, but many believe the U1 chip is laying the groundwork for a long-rumored Apple tile tracker. Neither phone has expandable storage, but there are options. Though it's the most expensive iPhone 11, it might be better value for you to have on-device storage.

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Google, on the other hand, changed its policy so that Pixel 4 users don't have unlimited photo storage at original quality anymore. Instead, you can upload content at "high" quality, which is a lower resolution with less detail. Though it won't matter much when you're viewing photos on a phone screen, having a higher resolution is great for printing out physical, blown out copies. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Don't show this again. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Lynn La. Apple iPhone Better all around. Google Pixel 4.

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Great but not great enough. By intelligently shifting between three mobile networks and millions of Wi-Fi hotspots, phones designed for Fi give you smarter coverage in more places.

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Most phones work with Fi. Only phones designed for Fi are built with its signature network-switching technology. Learn more. Fi is in beta for iPhones. Bringing your iPhone to Fi requires some extra setup, like changing a few of your Settings. You've got referral credit!

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Skip to content. This feature seems to be an exclusive to the Google Pixel range, but it may be something we see the company introduce within the Android platform so third-party manufacturers can include it on their devices in the future. Via Phone Arena. Our original Google Pixel 4 review What we know about the Google Pixel 5 The next big upgrade is Android 11 Exactly when you'll get the upgrade on your older phone is unclear, but it should be coming soon.

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