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Make sure you allow it to access your location settings. If you don't, the app won't operate properly.

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You have the option to change a number of your search preferences, including age, location, gender, and more. Make sure you have Tinder set to search from your current location. You can decrease the search radius to make sure you're swiping through as few people as possible. Either move the scale to the left to decrease the distance, or move it to the right to increase the distance. Tinder will not match you with Facebook friends, so if you're already friends with someone on social media, you'll need to create a separate Tinder account to find them.

And if the person has already swiped left on you, then they will not show up as a potential match. While searching for someone by narrowing the distance can work, it's not as effective as searching by age. If you know how old the person you want to meet is, you can set the age range to only that age; for example, Move the right slider to match the first.

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If you aren't absolutely sure of the age of the person, move it to be as narrow a range as possible. We can, of course, show you how to install APKs on your Android phone.

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There are a number of apps that claim to be able to fake out your GPS without jailbreaking the phone. One that does appear to work is iTools from ThinkSky. Another option is to jailbreak your iPhone. We have an article reviewing the pros and cons of this approach.

If you decide to proceed with jailbreaking your iPhone, be careful and get expert help with the process.

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Another way to change your location on Tinder is to use a specific app for the task. Everywhere for Tinder is one such app. It utilizes fake GPS data to enable you to swipe anywhere in the world.

It works in a similar manner to the fake GPS method above by allowing you to set a fake location from within Android. The app takes care of the rest. It basically works by automating the manual process of using a fake GPS app above.

Tinder App Errors

Everywhere for Tinder is also a little hit and miss. I tried it out on my old Nexus 5 and it seems to work okay. The initial loading of the cards took around a minute, but other than that, and a few ads at the top of the screen, worked fine.

As long as you have turned off wireless network discovery and have Everywhere for Tinder running, you should now have global access to cards. To be fair this is a difficult one to validate since you depend on some library or service on the frontend to get the valid values In this case most likely Google Map API. Also, it will be better if you do them one by one and with some random delay in between, you know, to try to distract any possible simple DDos or bot detector.

Messy code, scalability problems, security issues, feature planning, and architectural advice is just a couple of things that I can help you with. To be clear the objective of this post is not to make Tinder lose money or to promote this sort of behavior Exploiting paid features for free , in my opinion, it could be considered a soft version of piracy.

How to change the swipe location on Tinder for iOS [No Jailbreak]

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