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You could be forgiven for thinking the Nokia 7. The bezels around the display may be a tad wide but the rest of the design is smooth. The corner curves match well with the curves around the display, and the whole handset feels great in the hand. The frame of the Nokia 7. It may be weak to water, though, as Nokia has offered no resistance rating for this device. Both the front and back are covered in Gorilla Glass, while the rear has a frosted finish that makes it feel extra smooth. The feel in our hand is actually reminiscent of the Google Pixel 4, which is a big plus for a phone that costs half as much.

The fingerprint sensor sits just below the rear camera ring.

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The power button lights up with a white LED. On the bottom of the Nokia 7. Altogether, the Nokia 7. It comes in Charcoal, Cyan Green and Ice colors. Those colors extend beyond the rear glass of the phone to include the frame as well. For some people, that might not matter much, as many budget handsets stick to LCD.

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HMD Global the maker of current Nokia phones does try to make the best of the situation. One side-effect of the PureDisplay mode is that it drops dark spots into near-complete blackness. This has two impacts: where we might have seen detail, there is none. Where we might have seen compression artifacts in dark portions of video streams, there is none. Blocky colors and hazy, gray tones of space shifted to a rich black. The display is about as good as it needs to be, though. Even the small tear-drop notch is easy enough to overlook.

The cameras on the Nokia 7. When it comes to getting the best shots, we find the main rear camera works best while set to 12MP and the front facing camera just works well at its max 20MP resolution.

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The selfie camera is crisp and produces some quality results, even in darker conditions. For basic functions, the Nokia 7. But the rear camera quality tanks when using this mode. The portrait mode has unique bokeh effects that can let you choose how much blur and what shapes you want like heart or star blur.

It has an impressive degree FoV field of view , letting it fit a lot into the shot. But the image quality is rubbish. It falls leagues short of the quality offered by the primary sensor. For a basic shot you want to text to a friend, it will do. And, using digital zoom, the image became a grainy mess immediately. For video, the Nokia 7. The recording from the main rear and front sensors continues to look good, while the wide-angle camera continues to let us down. Quick note: the cameras come set to a lower resolution out of the box. Anyone who buys the Nokia 7. Click here to see the full resolution image.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset powers the experience, and it has a simple stock Android interface. In our Geekbench tests, the Nokia 7. It earned a 1, multi-core score in Geekbench 5. We played the new Call of Duty Mobile game on it, and it run perfectly smooth at low graphics settings. Smooth enough for us to top the leaderboard and mow down enemies so easily that we ran out of bullets and had to switch to the knife until the end of the match.

Android One: Secure, up-to-date and easy to use.

App switching is quick, and most apps launch reasonably fast. The fingerprint reader is snappy, and combines well with facial recognition for easy unlocking in most situations. The fingerprint reader doubles as a way to swipe down the notification shade, just like earlier Pixel phones.

This helps make the experience even smoother, as single-handedly reaching up to the top of a 6-plus-inch display is hard for even large hands. Audio is loud on the Nokia 7.

The audio lacks warmth, and has minor hints of reverb to it. I received the Nokia 7. Bought a Nokia phone after a long time. My last phone is the legendary E63 which is still in perfect working condition. Coming back to Nokia 7. The Gorilla glass screen looks very good and the design is flawless.

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I am glad I am not looking at at one of those Chinese phones. Phone works very smoothly, there is no bloatware loaded. Android One guarantees free updates for 3 years. Only flipside is that the back is very slippery. It needs a back cover immediately. Also, the back camera sticks out a bit. So a back cover will be useful. Voice quality is good and battery backup excellent. Charging is fast. There is a bit of heating while charging otherwise the phone does not heat. Observation about the phone after 2 days use is extremely encouraging.

I like camera Good body finish Battery good Pure display technology good I recommended hundred percent. Ghanchi Vali Sep 26, on Gadgets Recommends. Camera good.

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Naveen Terry Sep 28, on Gadgets Recommends. Such a wonderful product in Nokia 7. I really impressive I use before samsug A50 now I buy Nokia 7.

Everything best in Nokia phone. Pintu Satpathi Dec 21, on Gadgets Recommends. Stock Android with 3 years security update 2. Fast time Nokia provided dedicated sim slot with double sim 3. OTG support with reversible charging 5. Maximum camera options 6. Nokia always d best. Sanat Kumar Mar 5, on Gadgets Recommends.